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Unlock Success Guide to UPSC OTR Registration and Login Process



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UPSC OTR, or the UPSC One-Time Registration, is an online portal introduced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to simplify the application process for various examinations conducted by UPSC.


UPSC OTR, also known as the UPSC One-Time Registration, is a user-friendly online platform created by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Its primary goal is to streamline the application process for UPSC examinations.

By registering on UPSC OTR, candidates can avoid the hassle of repeatedly filling out their details for each exam they apply for. This centralized system allows individuals to input their information just once and then use it to apply for multiple exams.

With UPSC OTR, applicants can save valuable time and effort, as they no longer need to enter the same information repeatedly. This convenient portal simplifies the overall application process, making it easier for candidates to focus on their exam preparation without unnecessary administrative burdens.

Purpose of UPSC OTR:

The primary purpose of UPSC OTR is to streamline the registration process for UPSC exams by enabling candidates to fill in their basic details only once and then apply for multiple exams without having to re-enter their information every time.

Advantages of Using UPSC OTR:

  • Time-Saving: Candidates can save time by registering once and applying for multiple exams without repetitive data entry.
  • Convenience: UPSC OTR provides a centralized platform for candidates to manage their personal and educational details, making it convenient to apply for exams.
  • Accuracy: By eliminating manual data entry for each exam, UPSC OTR reduces the chances of errors in personal information.

Step-by-Step Guide to UPSC OTR Registration:

  1. Creating an Account: Visit the UPSC official website and click on the ‘Registration’ link to create an account.
  2. Logging in to UPSC OTR: After creating an account, log in using the provided credentials.
  3. Completing Personal Details: Fill in personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, and contact details.
  4. Educational Qualifications: Provide details of educational qualifications, including degree, university, and year of passing.
  5. Selecting Exam Preferences: Choose preferred exam centers and optional subjects from the list provided by UPSC.
  6. Finalizing Registration: Review the entered information, make any necessary changes, and submit the registration form.
Application Process DetailsLinks
Registration OTRClick Here
Download Notification about OTR NumberClick Here
Notice OTRClick Here
Telegram Page JoinClick Here
Official Website Click Here
Please follow above links to Registration OTR, Login, etc.


UPSC OTR, also known as the UPSC One-Time Registration, is a game-changer for aspirants preparing for civil services exams like the IAS and IPS. This online platform, introduced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), simplifies the application process for various prestigious exams.

By registering on UPSC OTR, candidates can bid farewell to the tedious task of repeatedly filling out personal details for each exam they apply for. Instead, they can complete their registration just once and use it to apply for multiple exams.

This saves time, effort, and eliminates the risk of errors during the application process. UPSC OTR serves as a centralized hub, making it convenient for aspirants to manage their applications for civil services exams efficiently.

With this innovative system in place, candidates can focus more on their exam preparation and less on administrative tasks, thus increasing their chances of success in the competitive world of civil services.


Is UPSC OTR mandatory for all UPSC exams?

No, UPSC OTR is optional, but candidates can benefit from its features by registering once for multiple exams.

Can I edit my details after registering for UPSC OTR?

Yes, candidates can edit their details within a specified time frame after registration. However, some fields may be non-editable.

Is there a fee for UPSC OTR registration?

No, UPSC OTR registration is free of cost for all candidates.

How long is UPSC OTR registration valid?

UPSC OTR registration remains valid until the candidate appears for the exam or until the specified expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Can I register for UPSC OTR offline?

No, UPSC OTR registration can only be done online through the official UPSC website.